Did I mention I love mail?

Somewhere in New York, two women are laughing themselves silly. Maybe it’s because of the Valentine’s Day card – “I think the best time to get cards is a week or so after the holiday for which they are intended… It adds an element of surprise… Surprise!” – but I have a sneaking suspicion that […]

Really? (This post is NSFW)

I am seriously considering starting a new category called, “Only A University Student Could Be This Stupid.” A while back I blogged about an interview about tolerance I heard on CBC Radio. In this interview, a professor told of how he was shocked by a student saying that she would not lift a finger to […]

bar stories

Is every bar story true? Of course not, but who really cares anyway? Movie director, John Ford, famously said, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” A-freakin-men. Bar stories are meant to be entertaining and fun. People who come to the bar and only talk about downer shit should just stay home and sit […]

I love mail

Okay, so it’s really convenient to be able to push a button and have the picture of your baby throwing up on the cat be sent to everyone you know instantaneously, but I still like getting mail. I got this the other day: (Damn good CD, by the way. Review to follow soon) You may […]