Christmas Miracles – If I could be anyone…

If  could be anyone, I’d still be me but I might ask for a larger bank account and a swimming pool w/ hot tub. However, if I couldn’t be me, here’s three alternatives off the top of my head that I could probably live with. #1) The guy in this picture: Anthony Bourdain If you […]

The Annual Pre-Christmas Blog

Those of you who are veterans of my ranting ways will probably be expecting my stock “Christmas Isn’t What You Think It Is” blog right about now; Not this year. This year, because I seem to be in an uncharacteristic good mood, I want to send out a message of peace and joy to all […]

If it’s H1N1 I’ll be soooooooo embarrassed

Today is a lazy day.  I don’t feel well.  I am sure that it is not the flu, but just the first week following a paycheque weekend.  I am so lazy, in fact, that I am not typing this; I am dictating it using voice recognition software. *Author’s note:  Though I know what the word […]