Turnabout is Fair Play: An Interview with Sandra Anne (SA) from “Tales From A Bar Stool”

Living my life the way that I do has had several regrettable side effects. One of these is my description of the past being either “a while ago” or “yesterday.” Sometime, between a while ago and yesterday, a website, “Tales From A Bar Stool“, popped up on my radar. It was filled with usually humorous, […]

The Haus of Boudoir Autumn Gala

I sent my lawyer the first draft of my review of the party thrown by Lola Frost and Little Miss Risk. This is what he sent back…

The Week That Was Part 3: One year of Sweet Soul Burlesque and Sweet Sip Thursdays at The Keefer Bar

This piece is for Mandy-Lyn, Dani, Gezza, Keenan, Free, Lauren, Cam, and Gair to name far too few. And of course, to Lola, Tristan, Crystal, Rufio, and the wealth of beautiful and truly talented people they have introduced into my life. A twirl of a downward turned finger puts an unnamed bourbon cocktail in my […]

The Week That Was Part 1: The “Ladies of Main St. Tour”

It was a Twitter message from the bowels of the Brewery Creek Liquor Store that sent me off down Main St. last Sunday: “If you ever want to feel better about your problems, looks or life in general, hang around my liquor store Sun AM.” A cry for help like that is hard to ignore, even […]

Well, wasn’t that a party: GOtoGAL hits the stage with S.T.A.G.E. Vancouver

Either I am doing something very right or very wrong, because it seems that I am being invited to much classier parties than those to which I am accustomed these days. Most recently, last Thursday to be exact, I was invited out to the premier party for CHEK TV’s newest sitcom, GOtoGAL. The show features […]

“So you don’t like craft beer, eh?”

Every six weeks or so, I take a picture like the one below. Every time I do, Chris Funnell dies a little inside. Chris Funnell is the manager of the Kooner Hospitality Group’s 16th Street Liquor Store in West Vancouver. Every time I see him, he has a new suggestion about a great new dish he […]