A Fond Farewell

Last Friday at The Anza Club was a fitting send off for Vancouver’s SWANK! and the second of three of the Sound Lounge Presents Concert Series. Let me start by saying this: Jonathan Todd is why I go to shows. When SWANK! played their first show ever, this troubadour was yet to be conceived, let […]

A Chat With The Jardines

Here’s a clip of the highlights from an interview I did with Cherelle and Ajaye Jardine, along with Michael Flunkert and Kirk Douglas at Sound Lounge Productions in Vancouver. You can find out more about The Jardines HERE Visit Sound Lounge Productions HERE Come and see The Jardines play live with SWANK! (it’s their last […]

The Stumbler’s Inn, Shiloh Lindsey, and Melissa Mills open the “Sound Lounge Presents” live concert series.

The first thing you notice about talking to Kirk Douglas is that Kirk Douglas talks to you. His hand gestures are no surprise. He is a musician and, therefore, speaks what he truly feels with his hands more often than not. But when you sit across the table from him, his blue-grey eyes lock on […]

Musician Profile: Kirk Douglas

Name: Kirk Douglas (SWANK, Shiloh Lindsey Band, The Jardines) First instrument? Guitar First public performance? Sherwood Heights Jr. High School, May 1983, Sherwood Park, Alberta Stage fright? Not normally, but my first show I was terrified. Favourite show? hmmmm… Very Hard to say but 1982, Kingsman Field House, Edmonton Alberta… Girlschool, Iron Maiden, The Scorpions…. […]

My Country ‘Tis of Thee: In the studio with Shiloh Lindsey

Somewhere in Nanton, AB, a cowboy is without his hat. I know where it is. Well, that is to say, I know who has it. And from what I’ve heard, she more than deserves it. If you ever visit Nanton, you’ll find the Auditorium Hotel, “The Odd” to the locals. It is filled with stuffed […]