The History of the Hipster

The common mosquito, in its current form, is over 95 million years old. Despite its many eons of bothering the hell out of others and the sad truth that it probably isn’t going to go away any time soon, we still feel the need to complain about it, them. This is not hard to believe […]

keeping positive.

The only thing worse than being sick is being dead – that and “Jersey Shore.” In an effort to keep my spirits high, I have decided to look at the upside and write about all the good things that come about as a result of the world famous, head cold. So, here is the silver lining […]

Really? (This post is NSFW)

I am seriously considering starting a new category called, “Only A University Student Could Be This Stupid.” A while back I blogged about an interview about tolerance I heard on CBC Radio. In this interview, a professor told of how he was shocked by a student saying that she would not lift a finger to […]

Lions and tigers and loudmouth bears! Oh my!

You can always tell how jaded you’ve become by looking at what makes you laugh. I watched The Wizard of Oz last night and discovered that I am pretty jaded. It all started when I was wondering what a weird old man travelling in a covered cart would really say to a young girl running away […]

Someone Has to Stand Up for This

I remember the first time I ever saw laser beams shoot from my dad’s eyes. It had something to do with admission, either a movie or the PNE or the like. He paid for my older sister and then looking down at me said, “He’s only seven.” I hadn’t grown up for so long to […]

The New Face of Evil

Nietzsche warned us not to stare too long into the abyss otherwise the abyss may begin to stare back into us. I have spent a lot of time staring into the abyss, a contest of sorts. I can tell you this: evil has a new name and face. The name? Bernie (well, sort of). The […]