Did I mention I love mail?

Somewhere in New York, two women are laughing themselves silly. Maybe it’s because of the Valentine’s Day card – “I think the best time to get cards is a week or so after the holiday for which they are intended… It adds an element of surprise… Surprise!” – but I have a sneaking suspicion that it has more to do with the other contents of the package. The drawing, poem, and letter were greatly appreciated but their service to our wonderful city did not go unnoticed. Seems they, like everyone else in the world, have perceived that Vancouver is having a little problem with the “Winter” part of our Winter Olympics. I love mail.


3 thoughts on “Did I mention I love mail?

  1. Hey speaking of, I got a postcard today that seems to be suffering from an identity crisis. :)
    When I got together with N, I went around his house hiding homemade snowflakes for him to find. Like a hundred of them. He is still finding them.

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