The Cheeky Tiki Luau: Mermaids, grass skirts, and drinks with little umbrellas at The Rio Theatre

I was invited to The Rio Theatre for “Cheeky Tiki Luau: Scout Boutique Retro Fashion Show, Tropical Party, and Pop-up Shop”. Taking my shoes off at the beach is about as “tropical” as I get. When I saw on the invite that “Aloha and tropical wear is STRONGLY encouraged, vintage or not just make it island […]

Halloween with The Night Owl[s]

The second night of my Autumnal Renaissance, the rediscovery of my Halloween spirit, came at The Night Owl Review. Nicky Ninedoors and the gang provided me with laughter, a tear, and three new favourite pictures to top the thousands I have snapped in the two years I’ve owned my current camera. “Oh shit… She has […]

Day One of my Autumnal Renaissance: A Late-Night Double Feature with Vancouver’s Spectral Theatre Society

I used to be a real Halloween freak. I’d start planning my next costume on November 1st, while still suffering the effects of the previous night’s party. I haven’t been that way for years. This year, I found myself reborn, rising from the pumpkin patch like a Great Pumpkin that finally arrived. This Autumnal Renaissance […]

“So you don’t like craft beer, eh?”

Every six weeks or so, I take a picture like the one below. Every time I do, Chris Funnell dies a little inside. Chris Funnell is the manager of the Kooner Hospitality Group’s 16th Street Liquor Store in West Vancouver. Every time I see him, he has a new suggestion about a great new dish he […]

How Much Is That Booty In The Window: An Afternoon Stopping Traffic At Scout

“…by watching her I began to think there was some skill involved in being a girl.” ~ Scout  (To Kill A Mockingbird) You can tell a lot about a person by their scotch tape dispenser. So it came as no surprise when I found this awesome little jewel behind the desk at Scout Boutique:  Specializing […]

George Stroumboulopoulos: The Truth on TV

Since there’s been television sets to complain about, parents have been warning their children that they “can’t believe everything [they] see on TV!” I would agree that this is very often the case, but when it comes to George Stroumboulopoulos, I’ve decided he can be trusted. *This next bit is going to read like a […]

This is NOT a pub crawl

Okay, maybe a little. I prefer to think of it as a “leisurely cocktail walk“. I have been blessed with many things in this life; a good cocktail bar was not one of them. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the Squarerigger Pub, my “local” (Crystal and Scott pour a mean “dirty”), and I […]