The Stumbler’s Inn, Shiloh Lindsey, and Melissa Mills open the “Sound Lounge Presents” live concert series.

The first thing you notice about talking to Kirk Douglas is that Kirk Douglas talks to you. His hand gestures are no surprise. He is a musician and, therefore, speaks what he truly feels with his hands more often than not. But when you sit across the table from him, his blue-grey eyes lock on […]

Stumbler’s Week Part 4: Alec Myrfield

Who are you? Alec Myrfield Where are you? at home Primary instrument? guitar The  Stumbler’s Inn First instrument? Sax First public performance? Grade 6 band Stage fright? No Favourite show? Smokey and the Bandit Least favourite music story? Emergenza Favourite band/musician (at the moment)? Biggy Smalls Favourite band/musician (all time)? Stompin’ Tom Conners Ten years […]

Stumbler’s Week Part 3: Graham Myrfield

Who Are You? Graham Myrfield Where Are You? The Milky Whey Band? The Stumbler’s Inn First Instrument? I started playing bass guitar and drums when I was 11 years old. First Public Performance? I can’t remember a first show, but I know it wasn’t good, and I’m sure there were crying children. Stage Fright? I […]

Stumbler’s Week Part 2: Jeff Myrfield

Who are you? Jeff Myrfield Where are you? Vancouver Primary instrument? Keys Solo or in a band (include current or recent band name)? The Stumblers Inn First instrument? Piano First public performance? I think I was 10? It was a Royal Conservatory Recital. The first time we all were together as The Stumbler’s Inn, then […]

Stumbler’s Week Part 1: Kevin “Chuck” Dupuis

Kevin “CHUCK” Dupuis Vancouver B.C. , Canada Drums, Percussion Stumblers Inn First Instrument? Euphonium, school band First Performance? School and mall performances Stage Fright? All the time Favourite Show? Green Mountain Music Fest Least Favourite Music Story? It involves the Backstage lounge, G-spot and Projectile Vomitus Favourite band/musician (at the moment)? Dan Carey, Tool Favourite band/musician […]

Sitting Inn: Band practice Stumblers style

To say that Alec Myrfield is a poet is not too much of a stretch. When he sings, he takes you through his stories with the all-knowing, backwoods voice of a hunting guide who, though he scares you shitless, you trust to bring you home alive. Tonight, I am sitting in, interloping, on one of […]