A Chat With The Jardines

Here’s a clip of the highlights from an interview I did with Cherelle and Ajaye Jardine, along with Michael Flunkert and Kirk Douglas at Sound Lounge Productions in Vancouver. You can find out more about The Jardines HERE Visit Sound Lounge Productions HERE Come and see The Jardines play live with SWANK! (it’s their last […]

Is that what you’re really trying to say (or ask for that matter)?

Diction: it is how we enunciate our words but also how we choose them. Or, more specifically, the manner in which and reason why we choose them. When studying business and professional writing, the importance of diction is stressed because picking a word that isn’t quite right can be devastating to a document, especially when […]

Friday Flashback #4

This video was not part of The Baron S. Cameron Show. It was the third of the Hey, Dumbass! Series. It originally aired on June 13, 2007. Originally posted as an addendum to Hey, Dumbass! 1.02, it’s a less than subtle, one-way conversation with the adherents of the White Pride Movement.

Playing the odds

According to B.C.’s Health Minister, the odds of dying from the swine flu are about equal to that of being hit by a car. Apparently we don’t have vaccinations for pedestrian vs automobile encounters. I’m not even sure how that would work. Perhaps they give you a shot of atomized chrome from a front bumper. […]