The Best Laid Plans of Monkeys and Men

If there was one thing my neighbourhood wasn’t lacking in when I was growing up it would be trees. Caulfeild is filled with them. Likewise, Caulfeild Elementary School. A lot of the trees have been cleared out now. Other haves been allowed to grow, changing trails that I once knew like the back of my […]

Biography of a Tattoo

“What if human sexual desire turns out to be merely an ‘animal’ instinct? That is, what if it’s just a biological urge which […] fixates itself on certain physical types, shapes, faces, personalities, and out of all that […] we try to construct ‘meaningful’ relations?” ~ Stan Perksy, Autobiography of a Tattoo (1997) I have […]

The Four “Perfect” Photos: How to talk to genii

Earlier today, I created a Facebook photo album titled, “The Four ‘Perfect’ Photos”. The album’s description reads: “Is it a bad thing to have found four photographs that come very close to capturing your idea of a perfect life? If I opened my eyes to see this scene, and everything in it, I might happily […]

Writer in Residence: Beer, Bodily fluids, and the Fires of Hell

I was mistaken for a pimp once. At the suggestion of one of the bar’s employees, I followed through on the transaction. Let’s just say that strip clubs are places where pretty much anything can and will happen. At a time when I lived outside of the Lower Mainland, I spent a lot of time […]

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends…

As a dive through the various notebooks that contain the various scribbles of my life, one fact keeps leaping to the forefront: it is the people in my life, my friends, that have made my life interesting. As impersonal as it can be sometimes, Facebook has really helped to keep in touch with what my […]

ALWAYS answer your phone… or at least look who’s calling

For someone who owns [and uses] a 70yr old typewriter, I have heavily embraced the tech age. I love my toys. If I’m texting, or Tweeting, or Facebooking, or Tumblring, it is still a form of communication, a conversation of sorts. So if you walk over when I’m communing with my Blackberry, I am not […]