Granville Pt. 2: fashion

I’ve always been interested in people’s sense of style. This is just a sampling of the people who walked past in the hour or so I was sitting on Granville. I once heard that if you sit in one spot for long enough, the entire world will pass you by. Really quite boring when you […]

Je suis le chevalier fou

It will probably come as no surprise to many of you, that among the many eccentric items in my collection, I own a set of dueling pistols. Whether or not they are “battle ready” is a matter for the aether, but my finger remains on the trigger, always. Part of being a lover is being […]

The PF System of Measurement

The PF System of measurement is a simple guess-timation of degree and usually consists of putting PF in front of an existing adverb or adjective. Please allow me to demonstrate: “Hey Bra, did you enjoy the concert?” “YES!” “How loud was it?” “IT WAS PRETTY FUCKING LOUD!” *You’ll notice the guy using the term “Bra” […]

The Sufferings of Young Werther[less]

For a moment, let’s try to escape the obscenity of a white male; born in Greenwhich, CT; and raised in West Vancouver, writing about “wants” versus “needs.” I really want a new digital SLR.  One about $600-$700 should do. I’m looking at the Canon EOS Rebel XS. It could be argued, in my microcosm, that […]