the great letter writing campaign of 2010

Keep your eyes peeled and watch those mailboxes. The Great Letter Writing Campaign of 2010 has begun! I am going to try and write a letter a day to all my friends on my penpalio list for at least a few weeks. Some of you will be getting postcards from Toronto even though I am […]

neither rain, nor snow, or… um… heavy bags or er… bad gas…

Guess what I got today? If you guessed “More awesome mail?” you’re either a genius or living under my desk. I recently blogged about how awesome it feels to get cool mail. Today, was pretty freakin’ cool. Today I received a package from New York (stomping grounds of the illustrious Jen and Elaine). Inside said […]

I love mail

Okay, so it’s really convenient to be able to push a button and have the picture of your baby throwing up on the cat be sent to everyone you know instantaneously, but I still like getting mail. I got this the other day: (Damn good CD, by the way. Review to follow soon) You may […]