Lost in Translation: Not every burka is visible to the naked eye

We had some international guests last night at the open mic/jam. A 20-something Japanese couple joined us on the patio. She was beautifully clothed in a wide striped dress. He was an Asian hipster. They were chatty and fun. Her English was much better than his and we spoke most of the night. She even […]

neither rain, nor snow, or… um… heavy bags or er… bad gas…

Guess what I got today? If you guessed “More awesome mail?” you’re either a genius or living under my desk. I recently blogged about how awesome it feels to get cool mail. Today, was pretty freakin’ cool. Today I received a package from New York (stomping grounds of the illustrious Jen and Elaine). Inside said […]

Notes from the Underground

A space is defined by its edge, its peripheries. A visual artist knows this. I believe this can be applied to societies as well. To truly know them, one must start at the outside and move inward. That is why I went downtown Tuesday night to meet with Jason, a local fantasy artist who wanted […]

Work in Progress

When I went to visit Vancouver fantasy artist, Jason, he’d flipped his latest work to face the wall because it wasn’t finished yet. He invited me back to see it when completed. I don’t know why I needed to take a picture, but I did. Working on a blog entry about Jason’s work as soon […]