Every once in a while, a chance comes along…

Of the three pictures below, two are by world-famous, professional fashion/street photographers. One is by a young, local photographer who wishes to join their ranks. I think she deserves to have her work seen on the scale of the other three. Follow the link at the end to see if you can help her get there. Cheers, BSC […]

Stars: A Prose poem

My family has a cattle ranch in the Rockies. It was there that I learned that the night sky has far more stars than anyone who lives in the city will ever see. It’s called “light pollution.” The light that the city gives off, the buildings, the streetlights, the cars; all of them combine to […]

My City… Tis of thee

I prowl your streets. Sometimes alone, sometimes in the pack, but always howling. I both love and violate you with ink and film, kisses and urine. I have seen your beauty and photographed your gaping wounds. Sometimes my love for you makes me nauseous, afraid. But it is love all the same.

Le Cabaret Du Passé: Macabre

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, / Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before; When I first met Spooksy DeLune, she was painted blue and surrounded by a media scrum. That may sound very strange to a lot of you. I, however, find myself writing shit like that […]

Kitty Nights:

Pour sex down the barrels of an old double Winchester then fire it out the window of a ’67 Chevy travelling at 120mph. No joke. The Vancouver Chinese Lion Dance Team: Miss Cherry OnTop: Manda Stroyer: Lola Frost: Miss Mia Rose and Dapper Dan (somewhere Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is laughing his genius head off): Calamity […]

Bus Writing: “Actually, it’s a loveseat”

Originally scrawled in unreadable prose while riding the 253 westward… The fact that she could most likely smell me before she saw me was probably little solace to ******* when she woke up this morning. It was, however, of some comfort to me. To describe her as bashful would be an outright lie, but there […]