Le Cabaret Du Passé: Macabre

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, / Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before;

When I first met Spooksy DeLune, she was painted blue and surrounded by a media scrum. That may sound very strange to a lot of you. I, however, find myself writing shit like that with increasing regularity.

She now produces and hosts Le Cabaret Du Passé with Cameo LeCrock, the third Tuesday of every month at Gastown’s Guilt & Co.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but that was its greatness. Le Cabaret Du Passé is like a waking fever dream. The show, “Macabre”, was both funny and disturbing (Violet Femme started her second performance “walking” out bent over backwards like little Regan MacNeil, racing down the stairs in The Exorcist. I have pics but they still freak me out). I’d seen Little Miss Risk and Burgundy Brixx perform before, though I hadn’t seen either of these routines. Both of them can be expected to make you grin while pushing a couple well-buried buttons at the same time. Madame Mae I’s performances were both classy and dark. I would not be surprised to knock at the gate of a dark, mountain castle and to find her Mistress of the House. Rebel Valentine performed during the intermission with The Valentine Confessions. It was a subtle set of great music that complimented the evening perfectly.

Le Cabaret Du Passé is certainly a destination I will be headed to again. Guilt & Co. is a cozy room with a great selection behind the bar and the setting certainly adds to the Vaudevillian atmosphere Cameo Lecrock and Spooksy DeLune are achieving with their new shows.

Cameo Lecrock and Spooksy DeLune

Violet Femme

Little Miss Risk

Burgundy Brixx

Madame Mae I

The Valentine Confessions

The Purrrfessor & Burgundy Brixx

Little Miss Risk

Violet Femme

Madame Mae I


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