Day One of my Autumnal Renaissance: A Late-Night Double Feature with Vancouver’s Spectral Theatre Society

I used to be a real Halloween freak. I’d start planning my next costume on November 1st, while still suffering the effects of the previous night’s party. I haven’t been that way for years. This year, I found myself reborn, rising from the pumpkin patch like a Great Pumpkin that finally arrived.

This Autumnal Renaissance began with the late-night double feature at The Spectral Theatre. The first performance was a wonderfully acted piece, titled “Clockwork”, staged as an old-time radio play, complete with foley artists and period dress.

The second play, “Succubus A Go-Go”, was a cheeky little piece about a gentlemen’s club with a dark secret. Over the past year, the phrase “dark secret” has become, for me, nearly synonymous with one person, Little Miss Risk. I’ve seen her wear (and peel off) many “hats” recently, but to see her and her co-star finish up with a Broadway-styled song and dance number was an enjoyable, and dare I say wholesome, surprise.

Okay, maybe I forgot to take a picture of the "wholesome" part...

Both performances took me back to a time when you couldn’t keep me out of theatres, most of them tiny local theatres, the times I saw Sartre and Beckett staged in rooms smaller than my living room and fed off the actors’ energy. I will be back.


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