So There’s This Couch: Fall Fashion Show at Scout Boutique

If you were at Scout last night, you would have seen this incredible couch. Maybe it’s a love seat. I don’t know. Settee perhaps?

Anyhow, I tried taking more pictures of it but all these people just showed up and got in the way.

So after the lovely models cleared the way to my wonderful couch, the room filled with lots of chatty people drinking wine and vodka coolers. Everyone seemed to be milling about joyfully despite obscuring my belov’d couch.

Soon the crowd parted. But alas, no joy. As soon as the path to the couch was clear, THIS guy sat on it.

Turns out he’s a writer or something. Not only did he block my couch, he started reading. Suddenly, the couch was no longer the centre of attention. Silence fell across the room and the humidity started to climb. I could actual hear feminine thighs twitch. Poor couch.

So, as it turns out, the couch isn’t for sale. But the dresses sure are. And it’s almost office party season. If you’re looking for the dress that bitch in shipping will never find but the hunk in accounting can’t possibly ignore, swing by Scout (152 East 8th (@Main), Vancouver) and check out the Fall Fashions… and the couch.



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