The Four “Perfect” Photos: How to talk to genii

Earlier today, I created a Facebook photo album titled, “The Four ‘Perfect’ Photos”. The album’s description reads:

“Is it a bad thing to have found four photographs that come very close to capturing your idea of a perfect life? If I opened my eyes to see this scene, and everything in it, I might happily close them again for the last time.”

Here are the photographs along with their captions:

I want to drive down this entry...

... in this car ...

... to this house ...

... to find her waiting in our backyard.

If a genie were ever to grant you a wish, don’t ask for something. Ask to be granted a situation. If you ask for a nice car or $1,000,000 that’s all you get. Ask to be someone. If you are granted to the wish to be who you really want to be, then material objects become objects again, rather than aspirations.

The four photographs above are all beautiful in their own way, but the one I will certainly take the most heat for is the last one, for more than obvious reasons. But I chose my words carefully. She “waits” in “our” backyard. If she waits, she cares for me. If the backyard is ours, she, unlike the first three photographs, is not a beautiful possession; she is my partner, my equal… and beautiful.


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