Musician Profile: Doug Smith

Name: “Dusty” Doug Smith (Little Guitar Army)

First instrument? I played piano (classical, conservatory) at around 9 years old, but started singing in punk bands in 1979.
First public performance? Lots of classical and school choir, but first public punk rock performance was at the Smiling Buddha in Spring 1980.
Stage fright? I get nervous as hell but once I am on stage I am comfortable and ready to rock.
Favourite show? Lots…Oct 9/10 1981 opening for Subhumans, filmed by BCTV. Some great shows with artists like the Bad Brains, Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, You Am I (awesome Aussie band) The Dead Kennedys, Offspring, L7, Rich Hope, the Pack AD, etc…
Least favourite music story? About me? The email firing form the Beladeans, perhaps.
Favourite band/musician (at the moment)? The Pretty Things circa 1965 and Bowie circa 1971-73, Magazine, Otis Redding and James Carr.
Favourite band/musician (all time)? too tough…wayyyyyyy too tough.
Ten years from now, where will you be (perfect answer)? Alive.
Ten years from now, where will you be (probable answer)? Fuck, I hope it is alive.
Next gig? July 24th  – Ron Reyes (ex Black Flag) turns 50….wicked show at the Rickshaw with the Jolts – Ron Reyes Band (ringers) – Modernettes – Little Guitar Army – I, Braineater  @ The Rickshaw.

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2 thoughts on “Musician Profile: Doug Smith

  1. Thanks! I must add…wardrobe by Bill Scherk (Wasted Lives, Los Popularos) who is available for hire!

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