Narcissistic Shrieks and Baseless Information

“Narcissistic shrieks and baseless information.” That’s how Tom Wolfe regards blogs. I tend to agree. It is interesting though, being a fan of Wolfe’s and his being a hero of mine is one of the reasons why I blog. Oh well. I have decided to start a new blog actually. Not anything too different, in fact it could be considered a subsidiary of this one, a little brother if you will. I like “narcissistic shrieks and baseless information” but don’t know if they really have a place on The Loudmouth Bear and what I am trying to do here on this blog. The new blog is on Google’s Blogspot service. I’ve titled it “Narcissistic Shrieks and Baseless Information”, of course. There’s nothing there now but I will keep you posted.

The Loudmouth Bear will continue as usual with stories about Vancouver and my life in it. The new blog will essentially be the new home for the “Straight From the Bear’s loud mouth” and “Cute Shit my friend says on Facebook chat”.


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