Little victories, massive losses, and mail day

Little Victories:

My phone hates me and I am quickly learning to return the sentiment. There’s a little plastic strip that sits right beneath the battery and if it slips out of position, strange things start happening with my phone. Let’s see how out of position it gets when I overhand it, fastball style, into an oncoming dump truck.

Massive Losses:

I overheard my mom and her sister dicussing taking an old, dear family friend off of life support.

About 60kms north of Cranbrook you will find the Skookumchuck Pulp Mill, just to the west of Highway 93/95. The highway crosses the Kootenay River and for about 20 seconds you are driving through Springbrook, BC. About midway through Springbrook, a road meets the highway, Bradford Road. It was named for my grandfather, Baron Bradford. At the end of that road is a bridge. The bridge crosses Sheep Creek. At the end of the bridge is the B-E (B bar E), my family’s cattle ranch. The other day, my mother and aunt were discussing what to do with it, ie: selling it. Like a lot of things I just kind of thought it would always be there. No decisions yet but if we are forced to sell it (because no one in our family is able or willing to maintain it), it will be a lousy day.

We all have a “happiest place on Earth” and this is mine. Below is a postcard showing the ranch.

Any picture you’ve seen of me riding a horse or playing on  tractor was taken at the ranch above. Here’s a picture of me holding the postcard above in the spot where the picture was taken. I haven’t lost the ranch yet but I have lost about 30lbs since this pic was taken!

Mail Day:


You all know by now I’m like a little kid whenever I get mail. I’ve been a little moody as of late and today’s letter was just perfect. I did, however, make the mistake of starting to read it just as “In the Backseat” by Arcade Fire started playing on my stereo and I was reaching for a Kleenex before I was done.

Friends are awesome. Mail is awesome. Especially when they combine like this…


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