you know what I hate?

I hate Rock Band. I hate Guitar Hero. I hate most video games. I used to play Grand Theft Auto with the cheat codes on and just sit and pop people’s heads off with a sniper rifle but that had to do more with just hate, not video games… heh.

You know what I like? I really like a good cause. So, even though it is a “Rock Band” thing (ugh), it is truly a worthy cause and needs your support. Check this out (via Facebook – Rock-Off for Spinal Cord Injury) :

Prepare to get your Rock On! The Rock Band “Rock-Off for Spinal Cord Injury” in support of Rick Hansen Wheels In Motion, is coming to Darby’s Pub in Kitsilano on Thursday, February 4th. Come hungry and ready to show off your Rock Band talents! Tickets are $20 and include a burger and a beer. Entry into the Rock Band “Rock-Off” competition is $2 per person, per song. Win great prizes for mad skills and crowd pleasing antics! Net proceeds will go towards improving the lives of Canadians with spinal cord injury.

Tickets can be purchased at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre reception desk (818 West 10th Ave), through the Rick Hansen Foundation office at 3820 Cessna Drive in Richmond, or by phone (604-707-2154).

Please call (604-707-2154) or email ( if you are planning on attending so we can put you down for a ticket.

Tickets may also be purchased at the door if you are unable to pick them up.

One day, and February 4 may be that day, I will ease up on my hatred for Rock Band and video games. Until that day, this is how my friends and I “play” Rock Band. Seriously though, it is within us all to support those causes that need it. This is one.

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