Best pasta I can make

Okay, it may not be the best pasta ever but I like it and I think you will like it to.

You need:

Olives – black, green, pink, whatever… just pick your favourite.

A bell pepper – again, whatever colour pick your fave. I like the red ones, not so much for taste but look.

Red onion – ’nuff said.

Capers – got to have capers.

Garlic – One to a thousand cloves. Do what you like.

Anchovie paste – don’t “blech!” until you taste it.

Tomatoes – fresh, out of can, whatever… it’s all getting cooked anyway.

Olive oil and butter.

Basil, oregano, dill weed, parsley – fresh, dried, go wild.

Salt and coarsely ground pepper to taste.

Pasta – dealer’s choice

Heat some olive oil in a skillet. Chop up the peppers, garlic, red onion, and olives. You don’t need to cut the olives up too much. I just cut them because “pitted” doesn’t always mean what it says and it’s easier to find a pit with a kitchen knife as opposed to one of your teeth. Throw the veggies in with the oil when hot. KEEP STIRRING. Throw in your tomatoes and capers. When the tomatoes start breaking down, lob in a chunk of butter and stir in a good squirt of the anchovie paste. You can add the herbs now or later, doesn’t matter. When it’s all soft and gooey, serve on top of pasta or mix it in, whatever.

You will have noticed that there were no exact measurements in this recipe (chunks, squirts). I love to cook; I love to eat. Experiment. Have fun. Cook.

And when you’re done, don’t eat: DINE.

Enjoy your food with friends. Talk, laugh, live.


One thought on “Best pasta I can make

  1. Hey Baron,

    Just thought you might like to know that tinned tomatoes or tomatoe sauce is a really bad idea… acids from the tomatoes attack the metal from the tins and then chemicals leach into the tomatoe. Always use glass jarred stuff or fresh.



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