When life hands you ground beef, make chili

Unlike most of you, I don’t go back to work until Wednesday. Today would have been a great day to go out and take pictures or, at the very least, walk around. But I am stuck at home. My bathroom is being renovated and I have to sit here and wait for the construction guys. I’ve put together many a bathroom but couldn’t be arsed to do my own. (*phone rings) They’re not coming.

So what does a somewhat creative guy do when he’s stuck at home with a warring dog and cat and the need to explore? He cooks.

I’m still dressed in my pajamas. It’s kind of a lazy pragmatism. I’m not going out until later, why get dressed until then? My neighbours must get sore necks with all the double-takes they must do in the direction of my windows. Today their neighbour was taking pictures of himself making chili wearing his pajamas at 3 pm. There goes the neighbourhood. Maybe I’ll invite them for chili and be dressed when they arrive.


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