The Perfect Package: My favourite tattoo trend for women

What is the perfect topping to any perfect package? Why the bow, of course. And now that it seems a young woman can’t leave the house with out getting a tattoo we’re seeing a lot of “cute” tattoos showing up all over, the bow being my favourite. Granted, the Tramp Stamp has been here a lot longer but has become ever so slightly annoying and seems to serve no other purpose than to provide douche bags with something to focus their radar guided weapons systems on. I have seen a growing number of Hello Kitties around; watching the journey from a six year old’s pencil case to her older sister’s bum was interesting.

But the bow remains.

The first time I saw the bow tattoo was at an amateur erotica site called “I Shot Myself” (the shooting being done with a camera). A young woman who called herself “Baby Doll” (presumably because she has the same tattooed on the back of her thighs) had bows tattooed on the back of her calves. These tattoos have showed up in other spots as well, but the back of the legs is really the only place that makes any sense as the tattoo is meant to mimic the bows used to keep your thigh highs from coming off until you want them to.

There have been a lot of unfortunate trends in tattoos recently; thankfully, most victims of these collective bad ideas are asshole guys, so I don’t feel too bad about it. The Girlie Bow though, is a trend I can certainly live with.


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