Light for the lost…

Tom Cochraine told us that “life is a highaway”; I agree that it is. What the song doesn’t tell us is that life is not a straightaway. There are many corners and most of them are blind and not well lit. As we travel down the road, all we see is the pavement before us but never around the corner ahead. Yes, there is more road around that corner, but it is a different road, a changed vista and point of view.

We all walk various roads, many of our own creation, but the simple matter remains that we cannot, must not stop walking. It is advisable, yes, to “stop and smell the roses” from time to time but forward we must go. Should you ever find yourself in a tunnel, fear not. That growing light in the distance is not a train. It is the future and nothing to fear.

What Socrates said of death can be applied to the future with no sense of morbidity: “No rational [hu]man should fear something they know nothing about.”

You may be skeptical of free rides and those who promise that they know the way but do not fear the road.


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