Cameras make people weird

It happened in Toronto. It happened in West Vancouver. I guess you’ll find them anywhere: Those people who see a camera hanging around your neck and instantly have their brains turn to mush.

“Are you a photographer?” – Technically speaking, anyone who takes photographs is a photographer (talent and payment being separate, of course)

“I don’t want you to take my picture!” – Well isn’t that a handy coincidence. You see, I hadn’t planned on wasting 1.5mb on your self-important ass anyway.

“Can you take my picture?” – (this is the weirdest) Will it make this conversation end quicker?

This is the West Vancouver barber who cut my hair the other day. I had nothing to do with this pose. I walked in, started to put my bag down. He sees the camera, grabs the dryer, and says “Take my picture.” Had I not just taken my backpack off I would have backed away slowly. Good haircut though.

*To some of the commenters:

I believe “Hella” is his wife. They’re Eastern European and she is sitting just off to his right, out of frame. That answers two of the questions. As for the pose, I’m still a little lost on that one.



25 thoughts on “Cameras make people weird

  1. Uh, West Vancouver Barber says it all. And who said a picture is worth a Million words. Buddy, that Picture is worth one word, or two (SUPER GAY)

  2. Bwahaaahaaahaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks for making me laugh! What a weird barber. Glad you got a good haircut tho’! And Rob (above comment) you’re hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. Saw this on Freshly Pressed on my way to my site. Had to rubberneck it. A bald hit man holding a fully loaded, megawatt Avanti. I love it! What a face, this guy, and what a player! Perfect. Hilarious write-up here. I’m of the panicked, “Don’t take my picture!!!” group. So. Good to know I’ve no worries. With you anyway ; )

  4. I believe it is from his time spent in front of that mirror. He has a wish for all his clients a death wish, or maybe it is a struggle with power… Sweeney Todd. ever seen it?

  5. Hi,

    He’s hiding the straight razor behind his right elbow. Or maybe he’s the type that will fiercely wrap the cord of the blow dryer around an unsuspecting neck.

    If the picture is cropped to head and shoulders and there are few background details then he appears to be a woodworker or a salesman at Rona Building Supplies.

    Is this the Barber Shop around 17th and the tracks near the Seawalk??

    Nicole Rigets

  6. I think you sort of hit it on the head with your comment about how anyone with a camera is instantly a photographer. That machine is actually doing all of the work. It’s true that some of show more aptitude for manipulating the machine, and will be paid for our efforts… but we’re all essentially photographers. (Especially these days, when having some sort of picture-taking implement — phone, camera, etc — are so easily accessible.)

    What I love about this is that not only is everyone a potential photographer, everyone is also a potential model. Once you have the camera pointed at you, your personality and ego literally get the focus of the activity, and it’s time to let it rip: cameras do make people weird.


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