The Sufferings of Young Werther[less]

For a moment, let’s try to escape the obscenity of a white male; born in Greenwhich, CT; and raised in West Vancouver, writing about “wants” versus “needs.” I really want a new digital SLR.  One about $600-$700 should do. I’m looking at the Canon EOS Rebel XS. It could be argued, in my microcosm, that I need a new digital SLR: it would up the professionalism of my creative work and photography, as a hobby, would give me more productive ways to spend my time (i.e. not spending all my time in the bar). However, despite my subjective reasoning, I don’t need a new digital SLR; I want one.

As it stands, I need to pay over $2000 on my teeth at some point in the near future. I need to pay a court fine of $1035 very soon. I have a trip planned to Toronto at the end of November that I will not cancel (I don’t need to go but when will I ever get to see The Dead Sea Scrolls and King Tut in one city, within one week, again?)

I live in my family’s home (the only house I ever knew as a child), a $1 million+ home in West Vancouver; I do not pay rent. I have a post-graduate degree I, personally, did not pay a cent for. I have family, wonderful friends, and a lifestyle that puts me in the top 5% of the top 2%. No one has ever kicked in my door and dragged away my family because of what they said or how they voted. I have never been sick from the water I drank. I have never been without food, health care, shelter, or security. And, despite the fact the I love to bellyache for entertainment purposes, I will never complain that I may have to wait a month or two to buy a new digital SLR.

Apparently Ivanka Trump told Jian Ghomeshi on “Q” that we are all dealt a winning hand in life. I think what she may not be picking up on is that, in most nations that pepper this wonderful rock hurtling through space, the house almost always cheats. Sometimes, it is necessary for those of us who have winning hands to fold at the table to increase other players’ odds of beating the house.

I do not write this to promote guilt, nor to proselytize. It might just be something you may want to keep in mind the next time you decide that you need something.



2 thoughts on “The Sufferings of Young Werther[less]

  1. great blog!! on the less important side of this, we have that camera, and it’ll be worth the wait. Maybe once you do get one you can teach us more about ours. Love ya!

  2. Even a life saturated with opportunity and privilege – the skill of appreciating that reality is rarely developed or understood. The skill of pausing and scrutinizing the various influences on the momentum of a choice, an act, or a personal goal, is not only underpracticed and undeveloped in the west, people just don’t have the time to STOP.

    yeah – same track

    (i’ve read a few of your entries and glad you invited me to read this one…loved it – glad i STOPPED to comment )

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