The New Dealio

Ok. Blog update #2385476-AD47. AKA “The New Dealio”

Something I learned building houses on Vancouver Island is that 2-in1 tools usually don’t do both jobs: they do half of each. I’m thinking this might be the problem with my E-enterprises. Well, maybe the opposite. I was trying to do a thousand things in ten thousand places. Now I think I will go for 5-in-1.

From Monday to Thursday, I will remain my usual, text-based, urbane and arcane self (it’s possible. I checked a dictionary). Fridays I will post a video blog going over the week’s excitement. Saturday and Sunday are anyone’s guess, least of all mine.

I am thinking of resurrecting an old, creative writing project of mine and perhaps dropping in little snippets from my favourite bits of the old “Baron S. Cameron Show” from YouTube. We shall see. You will definitely see reviews (movies, books, music) from time to time. Perhaps I’ll make it a day. Maybe Tuesdays… Again, who knows.

All I know for sure is that I need to exercise more discipline in my life and that includes my writing. Trying to build in more structure to my projects which will hopefully make this blog more enjoyable for you and more rewarding for me.

As always, suggestions are always welcome.



One thought on “The New Dealio

  1. I would like to see more of your stellar book reviews. The Book Report was always a fave of mine on The Baron S. Cameron Show. You’ve helped me a lot in finding interesting things to read.

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