To whom it may concern:

I have decided to scale back my Internet presence greatly. When I am finished, my footprint, as it were, will be less than 4% of what it was yesterday. Radio BSC / BSCTV is officially on hiatus. It was an interesting idea but well beyond the scope of time that I could commit to it. I still have three interviews to publish and that will be done. The first is a conversation with an archaeologist friend of mine, in which we discuss the educational system and archaeology. The second is a fun interview with the band, Way To Go Einstein. Unfortunately I had my first “I’m a Mac”/Vista moment and the video from the interview seems to have disappeared. The audio still exists and it is a great interview with a great group of guys who all happen to be in a great band. The third, but by no means the last, is a charged interview with a striking BC paramedic. I hope to have these up in a week.

I plan to concentrate on my writing, my teaching, and eventually, “PHASE 2” of Operation Not Dead by 45.

I still have all the toys and I will most certainly continue to use them for simple home recording and creating video content for the Loudmouth Bear blog… this blog.

Other than that, with Coca~Cola being tackled…sigh… beer is next. Whether this means I’ll start sipping Wild Turkey again or not remains to be seen. The effects of the bar on my wallet are rivalled only by its effect on my brain and, dare I say it, soul. Jane Sawyer, the secret hero[ine] of this blog, has been sober for nine months and has a lot to show for it, including a wild, motorcycle trip around British Columbia. Bitch (j/k… xo).

My writing has suffered because of substance abuse as has my reading (anyone who writes more books than they read is a fucktard).  I still read the “classics” regularly, but, as with many things in my existence, artistic and academic snobbery has excluded a lot of possible enjoyments from my life. This must stop. Don’t fear though. This is neither a retreat nor “settling,” a regrouping: every soldier needs r & r. My army just happens to be a mental one.

I have also been the instigator, for far too long, of moments of “Take my advice; I’m not using it.” If my advice is to mean anything to those who ask for it (and especially those who don’t), it must also mean something to me. Well, one would hope.

Maybe The Bear is going into mild hibernation. But, be that case, you know that he will be back.



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