Feisty thoughts

Have you ever sat down to watch Roland Joffe’s “The Killing Fields” and found yourself wishing the host of a TV news show would innocently walk into frame, only to be shot down by a teenaged cadre member? To be honest, me neither, but it’s an interesting thought.

The talking heads have taken over. Even Max Headroom can’t save us anymore. I’ve been trying really hard to ignore it but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was ignorance that brought us to this place the first time round.

I’m not a violent person… okay, I’ll wait for you all to stop laughing… but, it seems… okay, still waiting. We done?

I am not a violent person… okay, forget it. Moving on.

What these people need is the Alex Treatment: we strap them to a theatre chair, force their eyes open, then crank up the Beethoven; however, I feel that these bile-spewing egos could never see the error of their ways, even after being forced to watch the tripe that they believe passes as journalism and continue to thrust into our faces.

These people are so self-absorbed that they will never see that their only success is negative one. Because they now have the Power of Television backing them up when they decide what the definition of “service” is, they think they’re actually doing one. For my part I am getting a little tired of it.

But this as you know is nothing new. And we know how I hate to repeat myself… okay, stop laughing…



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