Oh Mystery! Where Art Thou?

Chevaliers de Sangreal ~ listen HERE

The Da Vinci Code might just be the most pointless book ever written. The movie, however, has stuck me with something. The final scene always gets to me.

The score rises as Robert Langdon traces the Rose Line to the final resting place of Mary Magdalene. He kneels over her and prays a kyrie for her. It is a melodramatic scene in a laughably bad story but it provides me with something that I have been lacking in my life since I was a child: mystery.

I have never really believed in a god. I do not belief in flying saucers from other worlds. 9/11 was not an inside job. But there is part of me that wants to believe some stories are true. That perhaps there is a line of descended kings and queens from some great world figure. Maybe there was a city of Atlantis, a great trading centre that the Mediterranean swallowed whole. Does “X” ever mark the spot? Are there any great mysteries left in life? Have religion and science finally joined forces to eradicate questions to answer? Is everything always that simple?

I certainly hope not.

I vaguely remember Hans Zimmer as a keyboardist for The Buggles (Video Killed the Radio Star) but his movie score work is very well known and some nights I like to sit and just listen to “Chevaliers de Sangreal” from his score from The Da Vinci Code movie and pretend that I am some academic adventurer, searching for the “X” that will reveal a secret the world deserves to hear.


Thanks to L. R. for sending me the pics.


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