There’s something in my stomach and it sure ain’t food…

Longing: it is never any fun. Reason? Logic? Just words we use to convince ourselves that there could be meaning to the emptyness we all feel at one time or another. I rarely use words like “fairness,” because there is none. The universe is as the universe does. That doesn’t help me feel like less of a hypocrite though.

I thought I could stop it from bothering me but I can’t. I guess my heart is truly beating again after all. I didn’t lose her. I couldn’t. I never actually had her. But the seeds were planted and the garden looked set to grow wonderfully. Now I wait. Now I wait and hope the weeds don’t destroy any chances of love blooming again.

Barf… I wonder if I can find a picture of a Kodiak wearing a “My Chemical Romance” shirt? Morrissey maybe… heh.



2 thoughts on “There’s something in my stomach and it sure ain’t food…

  1. Sorry you’re feeling down. We here at Chili Co. have been assembling a collection of local musical selections that we hope you might enjoy. When we finally meet up, and tip a few, exchange CD’s and converse I hope to turn your down up.

    Holler. What are you doing this eve? 604-340-5835.

  2. you breath in and then you breath out. And you are amazed how that can be. Life lessons come hard, but yet you still survive. Now you will go through the motions of just an every day person, what are your options? And for most days that works

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