Working out the work out

Today I got to ask two women I hadn’t seen in a very long time a slightly embarrassing question.

The jogging routine I’ve been doing is helping the pounds to drop, which is good. I’m not whacked out of my mind on sugar and caffeine because I don’t drink Coca~Cola anymore, which is good. I’m doing core exercises to strengthen my upper body and stomach muscles (making my back feel a great deal better), which is good. I started this regime in order to improve my health without too much thought about my physique; however, with a new relationship on the horizon, I have given some thought to what I could best describe as my “bedroom appearance.” I don’t know if it has a name but I call it that spot “over your pelvis, below the belly, and above the genitals.” I need to firm it up. I realize parts of the male body should “dangle” most of the time, but the patch of flesh above probably shouldn’t.

I have received one exercise tip from a friend who is really into yoga. It should help. I don’t know if I should expect a response from from my personal trainer friend, maybe after she finishes laughing.



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