Blah blah blah

I’m not sure if I could possibly care less whether American Idol will be worse or better off without Paula Abdul. This is why TV saddens me. First of all, I don’t care about American Idol. I don’t care about most shows on TV. So why should I be expected to care about someone I don’t care about leaving a TV show I don’t care about. I don’t care. But you know what? I can change the channel.

It’s true: I love to complain. But I usually complain about other people complaining. People just need to learn to change the channel. As long as no one gets hurt among consenting adults, if it’s not your style, it’s probably not your business either.

On another note:

I am cavity causing again… I’ve been walking on approximately 3 inches of air since last Thursday night/Friday morning. I won’t get into the juicy details (because currently there are none) for the sake of all of you. Let it suffice to say that I won’t let my new found happiness interfere without my internet curmudgeonry.

Monday is a new day. I’ll be taping the show again Monday night. I also have guests lined up for the next two weekends as well.



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