Back to first positions please

Two paths diverged in the woods and I took, well… both, actually. Very seldom do we get the chance to repeat a portion of our lives. I might just get that chance. And I’m giddy. Yes, I wrote “giddy.”

Several years ago I had a choice to make. You never want to refer to a person as a “choice” because a person is far more complex and important than merely a “choice.” The choice was between two people: one had caught my eye earlier, a shy wallflower in full bloom. The other was a bright and smiling firecracker. I went with the firecracker.

Last night, after a week with my ex/the firecracker (a week that included the denouement to our ‘more than friends’ relationship), we went to sing karaoke. Who should walk in, almost on cue, but the wallflower.

We talked all night and just sort of shrugged away in the corner. It was the closest I’d been to someone in a while.

I’m giddy. God help me but I’m giddy.

Only thing is, she’s there and, as of today, I’m back here. I sense a great number of ferry rides in my future.



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