Hello from Campbell River

My apologies for missing the blog yesterday but the Green Mountain Music Festival was so good this year I needed a whole day to er… “recover” from the experience. Driving up on the bus with some of the other bands was lots of fun (if not a little too Almost Famous in some places) and I have a load of pics and video to share with you. I’ll let you know where you can find them if you’re interested.

My ex drove down to Nanaimo the next day to pic me up and bring me up Island which is where I am writing now.

I am sitting in a coffee shop, Shot in the Dark, in Campbell River. The rain has begun to really fall, causing more than a few people to grumble but the attitude seems welcoming from most.

My ex’s condo is very nice. It’s income assisted housing as she hasn’t started working full-time again after the birth of her son, my “nephew-by-proxy.”

He is beautiful. He sleeps in a lovingly decorated bedroom, plays with dozens of toys, and smiles at me every time I smile at him.

This morning I looked at myself in the mirror while shaving and almost sighed. All of this could have been mine. But it isn’t because I didn’t want it, and perhaps sadly, still don’t.

Internet access is a bit sketchy for me up here so my apologies if the blogs are a bit erratic until this Friday, when I will return to Vancouver. Just spied a pamphlet for Grizzly tours… hmm.

Campbell River


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