Don’t worry; this won’t be another pity party, despite the title.

Everyone loves to complain about the one who “broke their heart.” I’m not going to do that. Firstly, My heart hasn’t been broken if you really look at it. My expectations may have been but, even then, most of this is just going on in my head so who really knows anyway? Alas, unrequited love, the whiniest of all the loves. Secondly, she (ah, the elusive “she” – long immortalized as “You Know Who” on my FB list of Top Five Crushes) may do me a greater service than she could possibly believe: she just might save my life (Gee, no pressure… and I wonder why I don’t go on a lot of dates).

Here’s the deal: Cleaning up the act. But (and this is a big but), I am doing it because of her, not for her. I am changing me for me because of what she represents to me. I am not changing who I am for her or on her wishes. I have a month to make a start of it. And it’s actually pretty easy going once you are going; once you can break the load, the truck rolls pretty good. So in a moment of cardiology over Cupid, I feel pretty damn good.

Side notes:

“Fields of Athenry” by The Dropkick Murphys is the new “Gonna Fly Now.”

Exercise makes me counter-intuitive – after walking three miles all I wanted to do was keep going.




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