It is strange to feel this way, sitting on the sidelines, afraid to join the game. It is a game that I have not played for a very long time, and, truth be told, I am ever so slightly terrified about rejoining the feild.

Players who have been off the field too long often suffer injuries because of their previous inactivity. There are also times when the rules have changed and you play the game wrong through ignorance, not malice, but the results are still the same. Of course, the plus side is that the fear you feel comes with a feeling of new found youthfulness, remembering the days when you played the game regularly.  Butterflies in the stomach can happen  to us all and that is a strangely comforting thought.

Most importantly for me is the desire to get back to my fighting weight in order to play as well as I possibly can. Despite the plus sides, there is still a tinge of the crippling fear that a game worth winning might not be worth losing, forcing me to stand on the sidelines as a spectator.



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