In consideration of others…

… please refrain from thinking. Ever notice how not a whole lot of thought seems to be going into much anymore? I have. All movies seem to be remakes or sequels. All music is painfully repetitive. All humour seems to have degraded to the point of toilet humour that no one is allowed to find funny because any offense (not matter how slight or trivial) has become a hanging matter. Unless, of course, you are a celebrity in which case you are free to do as you please in life with no fear of the public not canonizing when you die.
Here’s an idea for you:
At some point in this week, change the tuning on your car radio to a station you have never heard before and listen for the drive to work. Or perhaps you’d like to try deliberately missing an episode of your favourite TV series to see if you can, in fact, survive missing one and also see if you are totally lost next week because you missed 47 minutes of the same old shit. Better yet, turn off your radios and TV and play a board game with friends and/or family. Maybe you should use the time you have free to yourself to read a book you’ve been meaning to get to.
If, however, your life is structured in such a way that you have no free time between work, kids, housework, etc, then you have made a very serious mistake and done something very wrong. If the only reason you keep living is to stay alive, then you might as well stop.


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